The Regeneracy Alphabet


regen_latinWhen I first started this project I was intent upon building a consciousness programming language. In order to do so I first had to create an alphabet to build it with. It is that alphabet that is featured here.

The alphabet itself is important because one system cannot fit all people. There will be some people who naturally feel that some of the symbols are attached to the wrong sounds or should be changed completely.

It is that exact impulse that this alphabet is designed to evoke. In order to control consciousness you have to fully explore it first. That means digging into your own consciousness and accepting what you find there.

In its current form the alphabet can be mapped to several different philosophies or used to build your own.

The Regeneracy Alphabet (Regen) is also an amazing tool for use in sigil magic. The Latin alphabet carries with it a very bloody and conflicting history that can interfere with one’s intentions. Incorporate Regen into your sigil making process and you can expect to see results with a tighter adherence to the initial intention.

The InkScape source files for the alphabet is available here. If any adventurous soul creates their own alphabet or system based on this one I will provide hosting space for it on



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