Within and Without

This is a conceptual distinction between the universe within and the universe without. Also known as Spirit Below and Spirit Above respectively. 

They are intimately linked by the very thing reading this text right now.

The idea of an apple exists within and apples that can be eaten exist without.

The Universe Withinee

The universe within consists of emotions, feelings, concepts, language, instinct, meaning, gut feelings, etc. The mental construct of aroma is part of the universe within. The object and chemicals being smelled are part of the universe without.

The Universe Withoutsay

The universe without is the entirety of the universe outside your own flesh. The things you can see, feel, taste and touch. Not your mental representations of them, that is the universe within. Instead it is the chemistry and physics at work, “out there.” The light you see and the chemicals you taste.

The Mediatornight

The mediator is the conscious entity having the experiences and interacting with energy and matter. You call this entity, “I.”


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