fireFire was the first element to emerge after the evolution of the primary elements and the four forces. It rests between Electromagnetism and The Weak Force.

In the soul, fire corresponds to the will. Actions performed with intent. Our will can be put to purposes both creative and destructive.

Sometimes we have no will to be found. Look here for help rekindling your spirit.

At other times we may be too willful for our own good. When you must reduce your passions you can also work with fire. Visualize the flame shrinking and almost going out. Do not will it all the way out or you may end up back without will.

Fire brings light and warmth but it always requires resources. When the resources are gone the light and warmth begins to die. Sometimes quickly.

The nature and qualities of the fire depend upon the fuel being burnt. Burn dirty fuel, the system gets dirty.

Fire is often associated with emotions and it is related but not directly. Water relates to the emotion you’re having and your capacity to feel things. Fire equates to the, “volume,” or, “intensity,” of the emotion felt.

Welcomes: The Weak Force
Acknowledges: Electromagnetism
Phoneme: The sound of the letters, “oo” in the word, “wood.”
Season: Imbolc
Mode: Active
Psychic Function: Intuition / Energy

See Also: Air, Water and Earth

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