In The Beginning…

Before time began, which is precisely after time ends, there was, is and will be a brilliant everythingness. This is the exact opposite of the black nothingness that Christians think that Atheists think that death is like.

This brilliant everythingness has/had/currently contains within it all things including stones, frogs, poops, feelings and ideas.

At one point within that one point that contains all points within it, a bit of that Brilliant Everythingness thought, “What am I?”

Then, in a monumental effort to answer that question, it blew up.

That is the event that scientists call the Big Bang which initiated the emergence of the four fundamental forces and four fundamental states of energy.

Gravity came first to hold the wholeness, made of pure plasma, together. To do this it requires an infinite reach and must always attract. Gravity never repels. With the emergence of gravity also came the first state of energy, plasma; also known as fire.

Then came the strong force which bound bits of that plasma together to form the first protons which technically speaking are called Hydrogen. Thus the second state of energy was born, gas.

After the strong force, a force of constancy and coagulation, came the weak force. The weak force is a force of solution, change and and the falling away of the old to bring about something new. The weak force led to the existence of larger elements from Helium on up which released vast amounts of energy and allowed some of the gas to condense into a liquid form, which is the third fundamental state of energy.

Finally, closely related to the weak force is electromagnetism. Electromagnetism has features of all of the previous forces. It has infinite reach and has both powers of coagulation and solution. These abilities are energy intensive and allowed further condensation into the final state of energy, solid matter.

The Versling are creatures of the universe that know they’re universe and continuously strive toward that one goal that brought about all of everything.

Self-Discovery and Self-Awareness

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