Versling Philosophy

A Versling is one who has changed their definition of, “I,” to include the Universe as a whole.

Before you were human, you were Cosmos.

While you are human, you are Cosmos.

When you’re no longer a human, you will remain Cosmos.

Every atom in your body was forged in deep space and traveled billions of miles over billions of years. As Carl Sagan would say, you are Star Stuff.

The process of redefinition begins by working a mantra into your daily life.

Pick a word you believe captures the wholeness of the universe. For most, the word, “universe,” works quite well but, “cosmos,” and, “the wholeness,” work fine too. The most important thing is to pick a word that has the most meaning for you.

Once you’ve picked your word, incorporate it into the following mantra…

“…[Your Word Here] Awake and Aware that I am…”

This is a very simple but powerful step. Do not take this lightly as it will catalyze a process of profound change beginning within and spreading without.


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