Intentionally Left Blank

Unlike the body of this post, the title was intentionally left blank.

That is a lie. The text, “Intentionally Left Blank,” exists there.

I received insurance cards recently. They were printed on paper where the cards can be punched out of the card stock thanks to some handy perforations.

As it happens, there were more cards on the card stock than they needed for the printing of my insurance cards.

Thus there were two punch-out-able cards that did not contain information pertaining to insurance.

Instead each one had, “Intentionally Left Blank,” printed on it.

Obviously the text had been printed there intentionally which, by definition, made the cards the opposite of blank and made the statement an outright lie.


Having done years of customer support I believe it is very possible that several emails similar to the one below ended up in the inbox of a few local insurance agents…

Dear State Farm,

I got my newest insurance cards. Thanks for that. I did notice though that two of the four insurance cards were blank.

I think something must be wrong with your printer. Please send me two more cards.


An Annoying Customer




How Do We Unite?

s300_rail-track-image-large-4I don’t know. It requires that people come to understanding.

Understanding requires respectful communication.

Communication is continually interrupted by strong emotion.

There are so many emotional causes that people could get behind right now that the one cause that should unite everybody is overshadowed.

That one cause is to change how we live so we can react to the slow breakdown of life as we know it over the next few decades. It may not feel like it now, maybe it does, but we’re at the pinnacle of the roller-coaster track and we’ve just begun the way down.

Our way of life requires a buttload of energy and that energy isn’t going to be nearly as available as it is today.

We’re going to have to deal with a lot less than we’re expecting to. Systems we rely on now are going to stop working. This is so general it is hard to picture. Let me help that…

You turn on the tap. No water comes out. If water does come out it is full of chemicals and microbes that you have to remove first.

You turn on the lights. The lights don’t come on. If they do come on it will only be for periods of time.

You go to the store. It is closed because the gigantic corporation that operated it couldn’t afford to keep it open. They had to close because too many people in your area can no longer afford to shop there either because they lost their job or the goods were simply too expensive to profit from.

You turn on the heat and nothing happens. Even if the electricity worked to power the heater’s fan, it would blow freezing cold air because there are natural gas shortages.

You go to the ATM and after waiting in line for hours you’re only allowed to take out $100 each day. They’re restricting withdrawals because they don’t have enough capital to cover their other liabilities. People with large deposits are having their savings stolen to pay for bad bets that the banks made.

Everything on the list above is happening now somewhere. It is a thermodynamic certainty that it will happen almost everywhere in the next century or so.

There are effective responses to all of the issues above but they’ll be ignored and remain, for the most part, unimplemented.

The ones who have climbed the highest have the furthest to fall and should expect a very large jolt.

That is the main problem. The jolt is going to feel like failure and it will be depressing and oppressing and feel very unfair.

There will still be some people unaffected by the collapse and they’ll continue to believe that it is their deeds alone, instead of luck, that are keeping them on the right side of this thing.

They’re currently called the, “elites.”

The elites will blame the downtrodden for their own misfortunes and will be blamed by the downtrodden for the very same thing.

All of this tension and stress will be so distracting that we’ll forget to respond to this collapse correctly.

We’ll continue to believe that, if somebody would change something, things will go back to being OK or even continue their relentless trajectory towards, “better.”

That is a delusion and should be crucified.


And another.

I’ve got to learn to write something that won’t be so controversial should I actually publish it.

Tonight I know exactly what I’m going to do. Well I’m writing right now but soon I’ll be cleaning.

I’ve got to do dishes, wipe down counters, sweep, vacuum and fold laundry. Oh and pickup bedroom.

But until I start on that shit, here I sit at the computer putting words into it.

Feeding it information that will likely never be read again. If it is it will likely just be re-read by myself.

But here I sit anyway.

I’ve been thinking about consciousness. Would everything, “out there,” exist if there were nothing to observe it?

I don’t know that I’m as certain of that answer as I used to be. I used to be certain that an, “out there,” existed and would whether or not it was observed.

Now I’m thinking that so long as there is something to observe, it is being observed. “Out there,” is observing its self. The universe observing itself.

Out there has a self. It has consciousness. I wonder what the world looks like to it.

I bet it looks while we’re dreaming. It looks while we’re creating. It is there when we’re feeling. It is there when we’re doing anything that matters.

Oh my fuck I hope the universe is has more mental stability and empathy than us fucking humans.

I pray it does. I should make sure the universe gets a healthy dose of logic and reason every day. And empathy and philosophy and love.

But instead of that right now I’m importing violence and blood and gore and hate and anger and stress directly into my mind.

No wonder the universe stopped talking to me for so long.