CO2 Is Not The Only Enemy

CO2 Isn’t The Only Enemy

From the perspective of the biosphere it is economic growth that constitutes the biggest threat. Stop economic growth and CO2 emissions would stop growing. Implement de-growth and CO2 emissions would drop like a rock.

Climate change is just one of a large number of intractable predicaments facing humanity and the planet. A majority of those are caused directly by our desire to, “grow,” and, “progress,” socially and technologically.

Stopping growth would immediately begin addressing the issues of income inequality, climate change, air pollution, industrial pollution, fossil fuel consumption, resource depletion, Rampant Capitalism, species extinctions, etc.

The best part is that we literally DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE as to whether we will continue growing economically. The predicament of resource depletion, specifically fossil fuel depletion, has already put an upper limit on real economic growth. The 2008 recession and the stagflation since then is directly related to fossil fuel depletion.

The scary part is that attempting to grow when we can’t grow, which is exactly what has happened over the past 8 or more years, accelerates all of the processes that are making the biosphere less habitable for humans and the economy.

In Short…

Growth Kills The Planet

Fake Growth Kills The Planet Faster

How can you de-grow? Embrace smaller simpler solutions. Embrace local solutions. Embrace appropriate technology.

This is settled science.

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