Ahmunuma – The Weak Force of Earth

The Weak Force is the expansive and sometimes explosive force that leads to change. It breaks apart strong bonds so that more appropriate ones can be formed given current energy levels. Sometimes the results are more complex than the initial ingredients. Sometimes it goes the other way.

The Weak Force turns Hydrogen, which has but a single proton held together by The Strong Force, into Helium which has two protons. It doesn’t stop there. Every proton in the universe was once its own hydrogen atom which has been smashed together with others by gravity, blown apart by the weak force and then reassembled by the strong force.

The Earth archetype represents the life present in solid matter and the ability to perceive our surroundings and environment.

I see this archetype in the roots that push their way up through sidewalks and plants that grow up in the middle of streets.

In the soul this path is related to maintaining conscious awareness of the information we’re taking in through our senses.

Colors: Orange of Green
Phoneme: M


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