The Seventh Path: The Strong Force to Fire



The seventh path is Strong Force to Fire.

Teal to Red.

The name of this path is found by pronouncing the phonemes in the following order.

  • The Universe Within
    1. …or the sound of the letters, “ee.”
  •  The Strong Force
    1. …or the sound, “o” makes in the word, “boat.”
  • The consonant that associates The Strong Force and Fire.
    1. …or the sound, “s,” makes in the word, “Vision.”
  • Fire
    1. …or the sound the letter, “u,” makes in the word, “put.”
  • An Ending
    1. …or the sound made by the letter, “n.”

In the soul, Ohzhuhn is the intersection of your personal unconscious with your will and intuition. When you intuit how something works based on past experience, this path is in play.

Physically the strong force has an intimate relationship with plasma. If the plasma is energetic enough (hot enough) it can overcome the strong force that holds the center of atoms together. When this happens we get nuclear fusion. This releases a lot of energy and the strong force takes over again but surrounding a more complex element.  Two Hydrogen atoms fuse to form one Helium atom.

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