The Paths So Far

One Versling week = 11.4140625 days

There are 32 Versling weeks in a year. Every week we meditate on a different path.

The first eighth of the year (the first four Versling weeks) is devoted to the different aspects of Electromagnetism as it relates to the four elements.

The second eighth of the year (the second four Versling weeks) is devoted to the element of Fire and how it relates to the four fundamental forces. We begin by revisiting* the first path but now from a different perspective.

So over eight Versling weeks we contemplate seven different paths.

  1. Electromagnetism to Fire
    12/21/2015 – 1/1/2016
    Within: Persona/Behavior and Will/Intuition
  2. Electromagnetism to Air
    1/2/2016 – 1/12/2016
    Intersection Within: Persona/Behavior and Intellect/Thoughts
  3. Electromagnetism to Earth
    1/13/2016 – 1/24/2016
    Intersection Within: Persona/Behavior and Sensations/Health
  4. Electromagnetism to Water
    1/25/2016 – 2/4/2016
    Intersection Within: Persona/Behavior and Emotions/Feelings
  5. Electromagnetism to Fire (reversed)
    2/5/2016 – 2/16/2016
    Intersection Within: Will/Intuition and Persona/Behavior
  6. The Weak Force to Fire
    2/17/2016 – 2/27/2016
    Intersection Within: Will/Intuition and Personal Consciousness
  7. Gravity to Fire
    2/28/2016 – 3/9/2016
    Intersection Within: Will/Intuition and The Collective Unconscious
  8. Strong Force to Fire
    3/10/2016 – 3/21/2016
    Intersection Within: Will/Intuition and The Personal Unconscious

*By the end of the year each path will be visited multiple times.

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