Manifesting and Programming Energy

By Yazkin Yamakala on Monday, May 18, 2015 at 3:10pm

There are quite a few steps to doing this, but skip around to find where your skill lands and begin from there.

Prelude: Meditation

     If you are new, I suggest you begin to meditate. Enter the lotus position and clear your mind. Focus on the energy surrounding you, feel it flowing around your body. Keep meditating every so often until you can feel the energy easily.

Beginning: Movement of Energy

     Once you can feel your energy, attempt to move it around with your mind. Flow the energy into one hand and move it onto the other, going back and forth. Keep doing this until you feel comfortable doing this whenever.

Creating Dense Energy

     Form up energy around your hand into a sphere. Keep pulling in energy and adding to this sphere. Start with nothing, and slowly get larger and larger until you feel a force on your hand. Once you feel the force, release the energy. Keep doing this and practicing on making a large sphere, this will help you on controlling the energy and condensing it. When you feel like you can easily make these dense energy spheres, move on.


Once you can create a sphere with the pressure feeling on your hand, begin to mold the energy. Bend the sphere with your mind and make it into a shape you wish for. This can stay a sphere, but it won’t help you learn how to manifest more complex things.


After you have molded the energy into what you desire, your will can take on inside the energy and program it for simple tasks. As long as you feel the pressure in the hand you focus the energy in, use your mind and force your will into the energy. Command that energy and give it a simple task, such as healing, energizing, enchanting, etc.  Once programmed, release the energy out to perform it’s task. It can only do the task once, unless you are advanced and know how to thread sequencing tasks into the energy. Once the task is done, it will dissipate.

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