The Sixth Path: Gravity to Fire

GravityThe fourth path is gravity to fire.

Chartreuse to red.

The name of this path is found by pronouncing the phonemes in the following order.

  • The Universe Within
    1. …or the sound of the letters, “ee.”
  •  Gravity
    1. …or the sound, “a” makes in the word, “bat.”
  • The consonant that associates Gravity and Fire.
    1. …or the sound, “Z,” makes in the word, “Zoo.”
  • Fire
    1. …or the sound the letter, “u,” makes in the word, “put.”
  • An Ending
    1. …or the sound made by the letter, “n.”

Yeahzun is the intersection of the collective unconscious with your will and intuition. The will to live, eat, drink and reproduce all stem from the collective unconscious and this path deals with the instincts we feel within that context.

The fuel of jealousy lives here (though jealousy itself lives with water). The thing that triggers your jealousy lives in your personal unconscious but your capacity to experience the jealousy has roots in the collective unconscious.

The collective unconscious is also where archetypes (categories) live. The archetype of love rises out of the collective unconscious, floats up through your personal unconsciousness which gives it some form and flavor and then finally it floats up into your conscious mind where you can choose whether or not you’re going to act on it.

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