The Fourth Path: Electromagnetism to Water

The fourth path is electromagnetism to water.

Purple to blue.

The name of this path is found by pronouncing the phonemes in the following order.

  • The Universe Within
    1. …or the sound of the letters, “ee.”
  •  Electromagnetism
    1. …or the sound, “oo” makes in the word, “boot.”
  • The consonant that associates Electromagnetism and Water.
    1. …or the sound, “K,” makes in the word, “Kim.”
  • Water
    1. …or the sound the letter, “e,” makes in the word, “beg.”
  • An Ending
    1. …or the sound made by the letter, “n.”

Eyouken is the intersection of your persona and your emotions.

Pure water insulates against electricity. Water conducts electricity only when there are mineral impurities.

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