A New Earthling

If Gaia had hands what would you expect her to do with them?

If Gaia had a voice what would you expect her to say?

If Gaia had feet, where would they take her? How would she dance?

If Gaia could cry, what would she cry for?

If Gaia could do magic, what would be her intention?

We aren’t just human and we don’t exist in a vacuum.

We understand that our health is dependent upon the health of the whole system that supports us.

But we must go further. The sentence above still presumes a line of separation between us and Gaia and that is the line we must work systematically to dissolve.

We are not, “on,” Gaia. We are not defenders of Gaia.

We are Gaia and we’re defending ourselves.

Gaia has several sets of hands. You’re in control of one set.

She has a billion voices. Yours is one.

She has tears to shed, dances to dance and magic to do.

What are you waiting for, Gaialing?

Versling chant to invoke Gaia
[…Gaia awake and aware that I am…] – repeat


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