The First Path: Electromagnetism To Fire

Most Consonants exist on a path between the forces and the elements. Every eleven days or so I’ll be posting a new journal entry about a different path.

The following is what the wheel looks like now.

It has looked like this since the Winter Solstice and will look like this until the beginning of February.

The first path is the one from Electromagnetism to Fire. From purple to red.

The name of this path is found by pronouncing the phonemes in the following order.

  • The Universe Within
    1. …or the sound of the letters, “ee.”
  •  Electromagnetism
    1. …or the sound, “oo” makes in the word, “boot.”
  • The consonant that associates Electromagnetism and Fire.
    1. …or the sound, “sh,” makes in the word, “hush.”
  • Fire
    1. …or the sound the letter, “u,” makes in the word, “put.”
  • An Ending
    1. …or the sound made by the letter, “n.”

EE OO shuhn is the closest I can get with the Latin alphabet.



Anyways… Externally speaking, electromagnetism is the force that organizes the elements of the world. The screen you’re reading this on and the clothes you’re probably wearing are as they are because of electromagnetism.

That is what is celebrated during this part of the year. The organizational principle of the universe. The face that the universe presents to us.

Also important is the face that you present to the universe. That is why electromagnetism is associated, in the soul, with The Persona.

This path to fire deals specifically with the things associated with the element Fire.

Fire is associated with energy, the will and the psychological function of Will and Intuition.

This path deals with how your intuitions and energies flow out through your behaviors. Also with the intuitions and energies that emerge in others due to your behavior.



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