The Grace of Gaia

The world doesn’t work like a machine. That is because the world isn’t a machine.

It is alive so it must be dealt with as if it were alive.

First, it has a name. That name, from my point of view, is Gaia.

Gaia has intelligence and wisdom far surpassing our own but more importantly, Gaia has a will of her own.

She can see the damage humans cause. She has tools that can be employed to stop this train wreck of a civilization.

Yet we exist. She either still has hope that we can be turned around or more likely, civilization is also a tool in her employ.

Fortunately that tool requires a few specific fuels and supply of those is running short. It is possible that the draining of said fuel supply is the reason she employed the tool of civilization in the first place.

But probably not completely. See as a conscious being she can use civilization and technical progress as a way to know herself and explore herself.

The universe does the same thing with planets like Gaia. Uses them to observe and understand its self.

So the fact that we exist leads me to believe that we actually serve some purpose. Weird. I wasn’t expecting that.

That purpose, mostly, is likely to understand as much about everything as possible until we die and our experiences are packaged up and uploaded into the collective.

I can do that.

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