Intentionally Left Blank

Unlike the body of this post, the title was intentionally left blank.

That is a lie. The text, “Intentionally Left Blank,” exists there.

I received insurance cards recently. They were printed on paper where the cards can be punched out of the card stock thanks to some handy perforations.

As it happens, there were more cards on the card stock than they needed for the printing of my insurance cards.

Thus there were two punch-out-able cards that did not contain information pertaining to insurance.

Instead each one had, “Intentionally Left Blank,” printed on it.

Obviously the text had been printed there intentionally which, by definition, made the cards the opposite of blank and made the statement an outright lie.


Having done years of customer support I believe it is very possible that several emails similar to the one below ended up in the inbox of a few local insurance agents…

Dear State Farm,

I got my newest insurance cards. Thanks for that. I did notice though that two of the four insurance cards were blank.

I think something must be wrong with your printer. Please send me two more cards.


An Annoying Customer




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