The Strong Force and The Elements

The Strong Force is the source of all barriers. It keeps what is together, together. It keeps what is apart, apart.

Flow from an area, to a point.

…The Strong Force of Earth

Oh Lun

The tip of the pointer finger of the dominant hand.

  • Cliffs
  • Gorges
  • Lava Flows
  • Wind Breaks
  • Earth’s Crust

…The Strong Force of Water

Oh Gen

The tip of the middle finger of the dominant hand.

  • Rivers that cannot be crossed.
  • Being stuck under ice.
  • Ice walls

…The Strong Force of Fire

Oh Zhun

The tip of the ring finger of the dominant hand.

  • The process of hardening something with fire. (i.e. bricks, steel, wood)
  • A Firebreak or tactical fire.
  • An unassailable desert.
  • A wall of fire you cannot go through.

…The Strong Force of Air

Oh Vin

The tip of the pinkie finger of the dominant hand.

  • A Balloon
  • A Wall of Wind
  • The strength of an idea.
  • Pressurized stadiums.
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